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Professional Cleaning Services


Our service follows a top down cleaning approach. We dust all sills and ledges, polish any glass or reachable fixtures. Eventually moving our way down, we move to the cleaning of any countertops, appliances, and furniture. At last the floors which can be mopped, vacuumed or even swept or hand washed, depending on your specific needs.

Because every home we visit is quite unique in terms of what it needs, we do ask that you leave a task list out for us so that we are sure not to overlook anything when visiting your home. Most people like us to start with bathrooms and kitchens first, and then move on to the bedrooms and living areas as the time allows. Since the service is booked by the hour we do ask that you leave the list in priority sequence. We will again be honest and let you know if you need more or less time, as we never want to leave a home in unsatisfactory shape.


* Ovens: Please note we do not clean the inside of ovens for the simple reason that most ovens are self cleaning, and we cannot leave an oven on when leaving a customers home for insurance purposes.

* Television screens: Due to the nature of TV screens, some are grooved and some are not, also the glass is very easy to scratch or damage on most TVs. So we will only gently dust them, but cannot use our cleaning products on them.

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